Riau stadium of international standard

Main Stadium, better known Riau UNRI Main Stadium, the first built in 2009. Stadium with a capacity of 43 923 spectators was one of the biggest stadium in Southeast Asia, which will be used as a great event and the National Sports Week 2012 Asian Cup qualifying U-22 is now underway.

The presence of this stadium is like a thirst for public release Pekanbaru who thirst for the beautiful game called football. See, how colorful all seats filled by spectators in the stadium when the game first Asian Cup qualifier U-22, between Indonesia and Australia took place on Thursday (05/07/2012).

Chant singing, clapping, the support team continues to echo in the stadium when the "Garuda Youth" competition. The atmosphere of the stadium that was to transform the atmosphere like a football field abroad. This illustrates, that the enthusiasm of the people of Indonesia will be extraordinarily high football.

"Indonesia has tremendous fans. We knew this a long time, but only this time we feel the atmosphere bertandingan with opponents who have support like this," said Japan coach U-22, Yushasi Yoshida after dealing with Indonesia in Riau Main Stadium , Thursday (07/10/2012).

The same money, the presence of the stadium also has a growing list of black notes in the country. Cases of alleged corruption that plague the stadium construction project, clearly proves that God knows what else the lives of these people are not touched by the political circles.

Ranging from social issues, economics, law, religion has been affected by the hands of dirty politicians. Very sad, if the only entertainment of millions of people of Indonesia, namely football has also been looted by the person responsible is not.

Rather than to produce a performance, the person that just use football to achieve personal gain. Estuary is not responsible for the act was clear that the people who ultimately become victims. Football and become a political tool, not as a class in the game field.

Estimated total project cost of Rp 900 billion stadium, it was not comparable if we look at the Central Bureau of Statistics data related Riau Province of poor people. From that data, stated in March 2012, the poverty rate in Riau reached 483 thousand inhabitants, or about 8.22 percent. Meanwhile, in Pekanbaru itself, the poverty rate reached 29 thousand inhabitants, or 3.36 percent of the total population of Pekanbaru.

Not to mention, if we see a comparison of it with a flower fund-kempisnya Indonesia coaching youth soccer. Income and expenditure which should be used to develop the talents of gold, it encroached on corruption that continues to laugh satisfied.

In any case, the players salary arrears polemic that plagued one of the club from the city's pride, PSPS Pekanbaru. Thes management pay player salaries for five months, have implications to the achievement of the club. Downgrades squad "Asykar Sorcerer" ensued, of the seven positions on the 2010 season, the 11th (2011) and the 13th of the season.


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