The parts of blogspot

Broadly speaking, a blog consists of 4 (four) parts of the Navbar, Header, Blog Post, and Sidebar. The fourth section is always present in a blog created in any type of template used. Associated with it. The following explanation of its parts.


This blog section will appear when you use the domain to display your blog. custom domain instead loh. Navbar is part blog, located at the top of the blog. In this section, you can find 3 (three) menu, the New Post, Customize, and Sign Out. The existence of the menu on the navbar serves to facilitate and speed up if you want to make a new post, editing the blog, and out of your blog.


Is part of the blog is located under the navbar. This section displays the title and blog description. You do not just change the color and type of font and background header, but you can insert images or pictures in that section.

Blog Post

True to its name. This section displays the post-post that you publish your blog into the form of articles, pictures, and videos. compared to the other blog, for the area is more extensive because of the blog post is at the core of the blog.


Sidebar is part of the blog yan adjacent to the blog post. This section is located on the right side or left side of the blog post in accordance with the template you have chosen. by default, elements of the sidebar that appears is abaut me and the blog Archiv. However, you can add another element into this section, such as calendars, polls, slideshows, and so forth.


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