History of the blog

Blog is short for web log is a web application that resembles the form of writings (published as a post) on a public web page. These writings are often published in reverse order (most recent content first and then followed the content is longer), although not always so. Web sites like these can usually be accessed by all Internet users according to the topic and purpose of the user's blog. 

Media blog was first popularized by Blogger.com, owned by Pyra Labs before PyraLab Google.Com acquired by the end of 2002. Since then, there are many applications that are open source dedicated to the development of the blog author.

Blog has a very diverse functions, from a diary, media publicity in a political campaign, through media programs and corporations. Some blog maintained by a single author, while others by several authors. Many weblogs also have the facility of interaction with the audience, such as using the guest book and the comments that can allow the visitors to leave comments on the contents of the published writings, but there is also the opposite or non-interactive.
Web sites related to each other thanks to the weblog, or a total of a collection of weblogs are often referred to as the blogosphere. Whenever a collection of wave activity, information and opinions are very large recurring for some highly controversial subject or happening in the blogosphere, it is often called a blogstorm or blog storm.
PDF (Indonesian term for blogging) to do almost every time to know the existence of the blog owner. Also to determine the extent to which care blog (replace template) or adding an article.Now there are over 10 million blogs can be found on the internet, and can still grow again, because now there are lots of software, tools, and other Internet applications that simplify the bloggers (as the blog owner) to take care of her blog. In addition to caring for and continue to update them on his blog, the bloggers who are relatively new and still often do blogwalking, the activity of the bloggers to leave a link in your blog or website while others leave a comment.
Some bloggers are now even have made ​​their blogs as a primary source of revenue through advertising programs (such as AdSense, post paid, the sale link, or an affiliate). So then came the term professional blogger or problogger, that is, those who depend only from the activity of blogging, because many fund revenue channels, either the dollar or rupiah, from this blogging activity.
Because the blog is often used to write the daily activities that occur on the author, or reflect the views of the author of a wide range of topics that happen and to share information - blogs a source of information for hackers, identity thieves, spies, etc. Many secret files and sensitive issues found in the writing of blogs. This resulted in the firing of one of his job, blocked access, fined and even arrested.


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